Jess Vergottini

Art Director Graphic Designer Front End Developer


Lover of the grid but does not fit inside a box

My creative process is a little different than others. Efficiency is at the forefront of my mind when completing a project. After the initial client consult there are two routes I take to bring the project from concept to completion. Many times, I have a clear vision of what the piece should look like and immediately start to execute it. Other times I open up a blank canvas and let the vision come to me as I lay piece after piece onto the page. My clients appreciate the timeliness of my turn around and more times than not the initial draft leads to an even greater creative collaboration than what was imagined from our initial conversation. Those who work with me understand that while I am hired for my professional expertise and recommendations that I will always seek to find the middle ground to not only ensure that I make my clients look their best but that they too are proud of the work that reflects their brand at hand.

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