Product Design


Measures Managerâ„¢ is a cloud-based, healthcare technology platform designed specifically for providers that allows them to proactively identify and close performance gaps, avoid penalties, and maintain benchmarks for value-based care programs. In 2018, Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS) decided to redevelop their flagship product as they faced a multitude of problems on their previous version. Problems included a complicated workflow and an interface that made it difficult to interpret the amount of data being presented to the end user.

Lo-Fi Wireframes

Simplifying the current version required some heavy collaboration between our Product Development team. Creative thinking meetings were held on a near daily basis while we looked to resolve and simplify the end user workflow.

Med-Fi Wireframes

With the starting workflow in place, it was now time to add some key features to further the ease of the end user experience. How could we present the amount of data necessary to the end user without overcrowding the screen? Besides an intuitive dashboard that allows users to see key components of the application at a glance, I recommended real-time filtering features throughout our reporting pages that coincided with drop downs to narrow down ones search and tool tips that presented more information upon hover.

Hi-Fi Wireframes

As an added feature to the product we wanted to incorporate the ability to switch between themes. Some users respond better to light themes while others prefer dark. In any case, by utilizing style sheets within the frame work we were able to allow more customization and flexibility to the end user.

Website Design & Development

The end of 2018 marked the official launch of Measures Managerâ„¢. With that came the need for a B2B website which I had the responsibility of designing and developing upon my promotion into Senior Marketing Specialist on behalf of HCIS. It was essential that this website act differently than a B2C. Plugins like an integrated chat feature, automated e-mail campaigns, the ability to request a demo and popups that were carefully timed to help capture our markets contact information were programmed within the site.

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