Branding & Identity

Industry Research & Moodboards

In 2018, The New Jersey Innovation Institute (NJII) launched its for-profit division: Healthcare Innovation Solutions, Inc. (HCIS). With this launch came the need for a brand and set identity to be applied to the forthcoming list of materials to be produced. Unlike their non-profit name, HCIS was crafted in an effort to take on a more national reach, all while diversifying itself from its non-profit sector. Starting with moodboards, we were able to get a visual feel of the personality the new logo could be crafted from.

Iconography Exploration

The first step was researching the healthcare and technology industries as two separate entities. From there it was a matter of meshing the two into one. Both industries had something in common: branding was generally flat, simplistic and minimalistic in design. We then explored a variety of different approaches when it came to a symbol (icon mark) that could stand strong on its own.

Morse Code Exploration

Upon presenting our industry research and conceptual approaches, company stakeholders picked a icon mark to expand upon. "What if there was a way for us to hide meaning within the design on an abstract level?" With that question came a new idea: morse code. However, this proved to be trickier than anticipated. Depending on the word/letter, the morse code characters may or may not have worked within the circular shape that attracted everyone in the first place.

Wordmark Exploration

The symbol within the logo needed to stand strong by itself, and the layout of the company verbiage needed to as well. With a modern approach as our driving focus, we stayed in the family of strong, yet sleek, sans serifs while also experimenting with slab serifs to give some contrast to the brand as a whole.


Despite our findings, the most common colors between the healthcare and technology industries were hues of blues and greens. Instead we made a bold decision to go with ones that set ourselves apart. With all of this in mind, our goal was to find a color that not only stood strong on a white background, but one that popped on a dark background as well.

Final Results & Guidelines

Our final presentation showcased the word "care" being heavily accentuated on both an abstract and visual level. Strategically utilized as morse code in the icon mark, we also chose to use a pop of color within the letters of the wordmark. The composition of the verbiage within the logo was one that housed "Innovation Solutions" cleverly within its type. The color choice, a gradient from orange to magenta to violet, invoked a vibrant and eye catching response. Further, the logo and colors that were chosen stood strong on both light and dark backgrounds.