Branding & Identity

Launched in April of 2017, Chill Waze is an online lifestyle headshop for the professional young adult. I was brought on board to develop everything from their branding & identity right down to their e-commerce website. Starting with their identity, founders wanted to go for a "crunchy granola" kind of vibe with a request of utilizing the color of midnight blue. Their iconmark featured a tree, an abstract play off of the basis of their product line.


Looked at as a "high-risk" industry, Chill Waze still had several dozen competitors to compete against. I helped guide them in marketing strategies including promotional incentives, social media engagement, and e-marketing campaigns.

Product Photography

As we moved forward in our collaborative efforts, we were nearing the build out of their custom e-commerce website. In order to continue to represent their brand on a professional level, I headed to their headquarters in New York City where we utilized a rented studio space for the execution of their starting product line. In addition to providing Art Direction throughout the shoot, I was also the man power behind the camera ensuring lighting and product angles were on point creating a uniform look across the line of products.

Apparel Design

Touting themselves as a "lifestyle" brand, Chill Waze wanted to create an apparal t-shirt that customers and enthusiasts would be interested in wearing, furthering exposure across their growing audience.

Website Design & Development

With their branding and identity craftfully established, a print and digital marketing campaign in tow, and a professional photoshoot completed of their starting product line, the build out of their e-commerce website was ready to begin. Given the vast inventory that was going to be loaded across a multitude of categories, UI/UX tactics would also be implemented across many avenues to provide a more efficient shopping experience.

Product Design (UI/UX)

Shortly after launch we began gathering specific analytics on our target audience. Our research found that over 55% of users were taking their shopping experience through the use of smart phones, 40% utilized the website on a desktop computer and the remaining 5% browsed it through the use of a tablet. This meant we needed to ensure that the responsive aspects of the website needed to be on point, especially the menu and filtering plugins.

The end result allowed consumers to easily find the products they were looking for and easily drill down on collection pages where a list a products could reach into the hundreds. These tactics proved successful with a 326% increase in sales as of November 2018 from its previous year.

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